History, Politics and Dreams

Skyros - Sunshine for the soul

By Yannis Andricopoulos & Dina Glouberman

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Skyros - Sunshine for the soul

Skyros co-founders Yannis Andricopoulos and Dina Glouberman recall in this book their own personal journey that led to the creation of Skyros and articulate the ground-breaking ideas on the strength Skyros was founded, developed and turned into an unrivalled holiday resort. Emphasis is placed on the Skyros community’s peerless culture, which, underpinned by simplicity, honesty, openness and trust, offers its members all the support they need to be themselves, reconnect with their essence and explore new and enthralling possibilities. 

All this is backed up by an ethos that emphasises being rather than having, doing rather than consuming and belonging rather than withdrawing into the cave of one’s private world. Rather than resign, accept and conform, people are also encouraged to question, challenge and create so that we can all, not only regain control of our lives, but also assert our power over our creations – the market, bureaucracies, technology, systems, fashion, ideologies or fundamentalist beliefs. In this context, the personal becomes political and the political personal, and inner and outer change walk hand in hand. This, the authors say, is vital for our future as, if in tune with the Skyros culture, the #MeToo Campaign has amply demonstrated. 

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