In Bed with Madness

In Bed with Madness

Στο Κρεββατι με την Τρελλα

Trying to Make Sense in a World that Doesn’t

Globalism endowed us with McDonald’s, ‘the world’s local bank’ and English football teams without English players. It has also given us an irrepressible desire for more as enough is never good enough – the blanket is always too short.

Meanwhile, our personal world as much as our social and political realities seem to have blithely surrendered to the madness of a civilization which views anything from corporate greed and global warming to military adventures and religious fundamentalism as normal as a door banging in the wind.

Still, liberal imperialism, corporate greed, global injustice and environmental degradation, the author argues, are destined to lead us to a broad and devastating crisis of authority. Indeed, the ensuing eruption of the financial crisis, accompanied by growing inequality, illegitimate international military interventions, the rise of the jihadis and the migrant crisis, all of which tarnished the moral credentials of capitalism, alienated many people from the élites and led to the rise of ‘know-nothing’ populism.

The destructive capabilities of our age, Yannis Andricopoulos maintains, have run too far ahead of our wisdom. However, the process is not irreversible if our thinking can postpone its retirement.

In Bed with Madness has been described as ‘a well-argued, powerful and profound indictment of contemporary culture’, stylishly and humorously written – a reviewer said he would have bought it just for its wit!

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